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Alma Mesquita, NP is a pioneer in Aesthetic, Cosmeceutical, and Regenerative Medicine. 

She graduated from Pace University in New York in 2004, with a specialty in family medicine. She has trained dozens of medical providers and nurse injectors. Ms. Mesquita is considered one of the world's leading industry experts and is the owner and founder of Bana Spa, a world-renowned aesthetic practice. 


Over the last decades, Alma Mesquita has become a sought-after aesthetic provider with clients worldwide. She developed signature techniques focused on rejuvenation, restoration, and improvement of facial contour with a natural look. She received the Patient's Top Choice Award from The US News & World Report.


Her cosmeceutical line of skin care products is trademarked and formulated with 100% organic ingredients. They have been rated #1 top choice for consumer satisfaction and overperformance.


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